Sunday, first and last

Sooo… this is the last post about my Erasmus experience. Sit back and feel the thirst for blood that I’m feeling right now.

After Christmas break I went back to the UK, I even joined a society! It was great. I was really enjoying my Erasmus at that point, I was relaxed, a few exams coming my way, but it was fine. I met a few -incredibly awesome- people, and made some new friends (which, surprisingly, I still keep in touch with!).

Of course I had bad days, I skipped class sometimes, you know, the usual. Sometimes you do not feel your bestest, but that is fine. I ended my academic year feeling great, with some unexpectedly good friendships, I experienced other cultures and I even went to Ireland – all by myself, and met people from all over the world, it was funny and we had a great time getting to know each other-.

Nonetheless, I came back to my home country, but I still have problems such as: trying to get back the deposit from my apartment, and more importantly, TRYING TO GET MY DOCUMENTS IN ORDER to enrol uni, which is a complete headache -to say the least-. If you think that getting all the paperwork done in order to leave for your Erasmus is difficult, try to get your stuff together in order to enrol in your last academic year, in which you also have to find a coordinator for you dissertation and everyone already knows what they are doing, but you just came back, you cannot deal with all the stuff and you have to think about THAT.

I’m sure you’ll have more luck than I had with the Erasmus office at my uni and my Erasmus coordinator (which is a freaking nightmare)… and let me delight you with the reasons:

  1. You need to get your hands on a “transcript” of your grades from the Uni in which you were doing your Erasmus. This is an official document that they are supposedly sending to your home uni (and to you), BUT YOUR HOME UNI APPARENTLY IS USELESS AND THEY CANNOT DO THE PAPERWORK BY THEMSELVES.
  2. Before you get your hands on this beautiful transcript thingy, you’ll be notified that you have to fill a “document of equivalence” in order to be able to enrol in the next academic year, but you have to do this before july 7th, because the secretary has to process everything, otherwise you cannot do what you are supposed to do.
  3. BAD NEWS: the transcript that you need won’t be sent until late july, so you cannot enrol. 😀
  4. The Erasmus office won’t do anything (I was eagered to use a colorful and insulting word here, but I managed to keep it for myself), your Erasmus coordinator is going to forget about your existence and you’ll be waiting to enrol in september, when all the subjects that you wanted to take will be gone and your schedule will be a mess. And, oh well, probably you won’t get the coordinator you wanted for your dissertation because someone else got there in july 😀

But don’t you worry, you had a wonderful Erasmus experience, yeah, the months you didn’t have to look at the faces of the useless people at your university. Congrats.

(I’m really sorry for the extremely negative post, but I’ve been dealing with this for the past month and it doesn’t seem like it is getting any better, and I’m just venting a little bit).


I’ll write something movie-related in the next post, so keep tuned! 😀



Have a wonderful summer y’all!


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